Coffee County Fair mini sessions {style guide}

The scent of fried foods and spun sugar, a hint of coolness in the air, and the sound of thrilled screams can only mean one thing... the county fair!

Usually once the fair rolls around, we are all hoping and dreaming of cooler weather. This year though, I think we can count on it still being quite warm outside! Because of this, I highly suggest lightweight clothing. Below, you will find color and style inspiration to help guide you when putting together your outfits.

Keep in mind, that you want your family’s outfits to coordinate, but not match completely. Avoid dressing your whole family in the same color (i.e. everyone wearing a white shirt). A great way to do this is to start with one outfit that you absolutely know you want to use for your session…what color is it? What colors would complement it? Try to just stay with 2-4 colors that coordinate.

The above color palette is a great way to start your styling! These colors are bright and fun but still neutral enough to be able to mix and match. The fair is a bright and fun place, so translating that in your clothing will be important so you don't get "washed out"

Be careful with patterns. It’s perfectly okay to add outfits with patterns on them, but just be conscious of the types of patterns you are choosing. Patterns with very small dots tend to run together in photographs. Very tight plaids or small stripes will give off a wavy look in a photograph. If you have a question about whether a certain pattern will photograph well or not, don’t be afraid to ask!

Photo credit: India Earl; Jonah Deaton Photography

4. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone! Remember, the fair is FUN, so your outfit should also reflect that. Sometimes, it's exciting to wear something that you might not wear on a daily basis. Have a fun shirt or dress that's been hanging in your closet for "a special occasion"? Maybe now is the time to put it in action!

5. Try your clothes on in advance. Make sure they fit – and cover you in all the right places at all times. You may be standing, sitting, walking…or wrangling a toddler. Make sure your outfit allows for those activities.

Photo credit: Somewhere Devine; Lucky Gil Photography

6. Add accessories! Hats, a light blanket, fun shoes. Wear your favorite fun earrings or bangle....It’ll add variety to your photos. Similarly, try to embrace layers with a cardigan or light jacket.

7. Stay away from obvious branding logos on your clothing. They will subtract from the image. This same concept can also be applied to Easter slogans, large bunny images, or other spring themed images on clothing. Yes, they are super cute, but they don’t photograph well.

Photo credit: Beckley Photography; unknown

Are you still lost on what to wear? You are always free to contact me and I can help you plan your family’s outfits or offer my input on what you may have already picked out.

Here are some suggestions for places to buy outfits:

Joyfolie - My go-to for women's and girl's outfits

Baltic Born – Gorgeous women's dresses

Lulus – this site is also great for women’s dresses

Petal & Pup – women’s clothing

Janie and Jack – children’s clothing

Etsy – what can’t you find on Etsy??

Old Navy – great for the whole family

J.Crew – great for the whole family