meet andrea

Andrea is a lifestyle photographer that would describe her style as "bold and vibrant". She graduated from Northwest Florida State College in 2014 with a degree in Digital Media and Photography, and her business took off soon after.

With her husband having been in the USAF, Andrea had the opportunity to move her business across the country. From the crystal blue beaches of the Florida panhandle, to the hot and rolling hills of southern Texas, Andrea has now settled into the cozy small-town life in middle Tennessee. She may call Tennessee "Home Sweet Home", but she still has the urge and passion to travel where the adventure leads!

who is the woman behind the camera?

Andrea has been married to her best friend, Brett, since 2008. Though the two were but kids when they said "I do", she's never looked back and loves the life they've created together.

God has blessed Andrea with the gift of motherhood to three beautiful boys: Avery, Gavin, and Isaac. Though the days are filled with sports, living room wrestling, SO MUCH FOOD, and sometimes outright chaos, she loves spending time with her three little humans.


food: mexican, chinese, italian | beverage: coffee, wine | vacation spot: put her on the beach in the summer, or in the mountains in the fall | music: classic rock, country | relaxing hobby: reading ALL the books, cosmetics

why she loves photography

Andrea believes photography is more than just a pretty pose and a "click" of the camera. It's capturing memories of who the person is in front of the camera, at that moment in time. It's about translating personality through a portrait, capturing the uniqueness that makes each person their own. It's wanting to snapshot a certain feeling or dynamic that you never want to forget.

No matter what type of session you're looking to have done, Andrea will work with you to create the most natural and genuine photos that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.