A Retro Christmas at The Lodge

down to the details

From the bold colors and patterns to the whimsical and rustic details, The Lodge at Camp Swann in Tracy City, Tennessee is a unique masterpiece to behold. Everywhere you look, there is another fun feature or detail that really makes this place stand out from the crowd.

location, location, location

As stated before, everywhere you look is a new sight to behold. That fact makes it easy to get some really great and unique photos! Whether you are wanting classic family photos or fun in holiday pajamas, you're sure to get some memories that you will cherish for years to come.

the great outdoors

The cherry on top of The Lodge is that not only is the inside adorable, but the outside is also picturesque! Located in the mountains of Tracy City, Camp Swann offers fresh air and gorgeous old trees among the hills.

It's clear to see that The Lodge is an experience in itself.

I can't wait to have A Retro Christmas at The Lodge with you and yours!