A Retro Christmas at The Lodge

Christmas mini sessions

{style guide}

For this year's mini sessions, I am so excited to be hosting them at the The Lodge at Camp Swann.

Think vintage, glam lodge in the woods. This cabin features such gorgeous, rich details that are sure to make for some fantastic photos.

The Lodge has a color scheme of deep green, navy blue, midnight black, a pop of golden yellow, juicy orange, as well as splashes of cream and wood details.

Deciding what to wear and coordinating multiple people to "go" without matching is a whole challenge! Hopefully, this guide will make your life a little easier.

First of all, you want your family’s outfits to coordinate, but not match completely. Avoid dressing your whole family in the same color (i.e. everyone wearing a white shirt). A great way to do this is to start with one outfit that you absolutely know you want to use for your session…what color is it? What colors would complement it? Try to just stay with 2-3 colors that coordinate. I highly suggest searching on Google or Pinterest for "color schemes" or "color palettes" to find a combination that you love!

Pick the colors that fit your vibe. Earthy tones can contribute to that dreamy, creamy feel that can make photos look so magical. Very bright colors can be distracting and make pictures more vibrant looking. Instead of your typical red and green for Christmas, maybe try a light olive green, a rust color, or a maroon.

Be careful with patterns. It’s perfectly okay to add outfits with patterns on it, but just be conscious of the types of patterns you are choosing. Very tight plaids or small stripes will give off a wavy look in a photograph. If you have a question about whether a certain pattern will photograph well or not, don’t be afraid to ask!

Don’t hesitate to dress up! Plan to dress up a little more than your every day wear. Consider higher quality fabrics – they will translate better on camera…avoid t-shirt or athletic dry fit material. Also keep in mind while dressier outfits tend to photograph better, you want to be comfortable too. It will be hard to take joyful carefree looking photos when you’re just not comfortable with what you have on! Stay authentic to what makes your family you!

Try your clothes on in advance. Make sure they fit – and cover you in all the right places at all times. You may be standing, sitting, walking…or wrangling a toddler. Make sure your outfit allows for those activities.

Add accessories! Bring your scarves, hats, and furry boots. Wear your favorite fun earrings or bangle. It’ll add variety to your photos. Similarly, try to embrace layers with a cardigan or shawl.

Stay away from obvious branding logos on your clothing. They will subtract from the image. This same concept can also be applied to Christmas slogans, Santa images, or other large Christmas themed images on clothing. Yes, they are super cute, but they don’t photograph well.

New this year is the option for Christmas pajama photos! This is a fun and cozy way to get some relaxed family photos while looking festive for the season. The "rules" for outfit planning kind of go out the window with this theme since most holiday pajamas will be a matching set. My only advice is to try and find pjs that aren't super distracting with a small repeating pattern. But otherwise, this is something to just really have fun with!

Are you still lost on what to wear? You are always free to contact me and I can help you plan your family’s outfits or offer my input on what you may have already picked out.

Here are some suggestions for places to buy outfits:

Amazon – always a favorite to find great clothes that arrive quickly!

SHEIN - so many affordable options for the whole family! Be sure to plan early to allow for shipping

Temu - similar to SHEIN, lots of options (I've placed many orders, it's legit)

Baltic Born – beautiful dresses

Lulus – this site is also great for women’s dresses

Petal & Pup – women’s clothing

Janie and Jack – children’s clothing

Etsy – what can’t you find on Etsy??

Old Navy – great for the whole family

J.Crew – great for the whole family