Bridal Details

Bridal details are such an important key to telling the story of your wedding day. By time your day rolls around, you'll have spent countless hours picking out the perfect details for your big day, and, as such, you need to have photos documenting everything that made your wedding day, your wedding day.

Below is a list of details to help you figure out exactly what to have ready day of. It helps both me and you to have these items gathered together and in a box or bag so that I can get right to photographing these items without having to bother you for anything on your special day.


Whether your florals are faux or real, they are one of the main aspects of your wedding day. As such, it's key to get detail photos of the handcrafted beauty that is your bouquet and boutonnière. It's important to ensure your florals are on site by time the photographer arrives so that there aren't any delays in the photography timeline.


Shoes are such a personal choice of style! If you are planning on wearing shoes on your wedding day (I'm all for a barefooted bride!), consider buying a pair that really speaks about your personal style. Having the perfect pair will tie all of those beautiful images together!


I know you probably won’t forget your rings but don’t forget to actually clean them! We will be photographing all of them close up to show the intricate details, so make sure they are clean and free of debris that may get into the facets of the ring.


Jewelry is the icing on the cake to complete your wedding day attire! Be sure to keep these pieces aside while you’re getting your hair and makeup done so that I may photograph them before you put them on while getting dressed. This can include necklaces, earrings, additional rings, etc.

Headpiece & veil

These are such classic details that you don't want to miss getting shots of! Don't worry, if your hairdresser has already put these into your hair by time I arrive, I can still get photos of them while you're wearing them.

Invitation suites

There is just something so elegant when it comes to a custom invitation set. From the hand-torn papers, to the custom venue maps made by hand, down to the hand-drawn fonts and beautiful wax seals. The amount of detail is endless and I often find myself placing your personal items on top of these works of art.

Invitation tip! If you can try to avoid tri-fold invitations they are extremely hard to photograph and often times don’t look good as much as I try to lay it out fully. I still get the main image on the front but the inside won’t always be visible.

Family heirlooms

Oftentimes the mother of the groom or bride will pull me aside and gently remind me that they have very special items that have been passed down in their families for generations. Have these items in your box so they are not forgotten about. These are treasured items that deserve to be showcased on the wedding day.

Groom's details

I will keep this list short since we have spent so much time on bridal details but let’s not leave out the groom! They should have their own box of items as well. 

Shoes cleaned and polished.

Cufflinks– let us know if you had any custom detail engraved on them so we can be sure to get an up-close image.

Tie or bowtie– Try to refrain from putting these items on before we arrive; these make beautiful detail photos.

Socks- I only ask for socks if they are a custom funky pair that deserves to be showcased.

Favorite bottle of alcohol- Groomesmen oftentimes give the groom a custom bottle with engraving on their favorite bottle as a gift.




Pocket square or handkerchief – Bonus points if it has their initials on it. This really adds to the custom look and storytelling aspect. 

Other items- engraved lighter and matches, specialty cigars.

Hopefully this list has helped you get an idea of what all to set aside for your detail photos. If there is anything I have forgotten to list, please don't hesitate to add anything you want to make sure to get photos of. I am all for intimate and personal details to add to the story of your day!